Monday, December 29, 2008


Em&Az :D

Sat 17th Jan: Tassie Engagement
Deloraine Chapel,
Emu Bay Rd,Deloraine.
(Open Invite)
Sat 31st Jan: Adelaide Engagement
Mt Barker Chapel
Sat Feb 21st 2009
11am- Adelaide Temple
Rsvp: email,facebook,call us,tell us!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Kent & Renee's Engagement

The Proposal:
Aaron & I followed up Kents proposal plans by:
Setting up a table with a white cloth & chairs on the beach with candles,wine glasses,cuttlery,plates,flowers, etc..
Chinese food, fizzy drinks and Icecream were served as the meal for the evening. Fortune cookies also laid on the table.
We cleared the area around the table&placed heaps of coloured glow sticks in the sand!
Ppl watched us all afternoon setting up & a man even asked if we were a company because he would love to do someting like this for his girl! hehe cute!
It was all very holywood and awesome looking! Kent and Renee finally rocked up and Renee was shocked! Most importantly she said: YES!

The perfect sunset that evening!!
The Engagement Party was tonns of fun!
And a few months later.....
They were Sealed for time and all eternity at the NZ Temple (pic: Kent&Renee withKents pears)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Camera snappy

Hehe i love these photos of mumma, she is a cutie! We got camera snappy in the kitchen after the craft fair. My curls are from my craft fair braides. Mums scary photo is her trying to hide her double chin so she reckons hehe.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Craft Fair

Mum,Cash & Myself went to the craft fair together on Monday, we had a blast!
The Deloraine Craft Fair is the biggest working fair in the Southern Hemisphere and i looooove it! I've been every yr since i can remember.

Getting Our hair braided....

Oh dear! i was scared.....but it was a-ok!

Mmmmm rocky road! ........Mummy&Cash

On the bus & poses with Mr 'Tin Man'

haha, this pic is 4Lane! .........I love Lama's!!
Freemasons of Tasmania-cool.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

This is a Tribute...

Why so serious????....................

You need to smiiiile!

And so... they did!
Smiles r nice!
Despite the wonderful performance Heath played as Joker it is really really sad that his life had to end as it did...he was a great actor and im sure was loved by all his family and friends!
Life has its downs but just take a note from the joker....."You need to smile!"

Friday, October 31, 2008

My adorable visitor!

Ill put these pics on here so u can steal them if you want my dear :) Lemme know if u want them removed hehe. Thanks for stopping by!!! Love ya heaps!
Im quick on the blog right?! ;)

Spooky spooky


On the hay ride! Which had no hay!? The bradbury clan!

Wilbour&Mum (malaysians) Lisa scaring Me!!
Bubba Leo Theo!!! Hes a cutie with a beautiful mother!
Happy Halloween!